Monday, 26 August 2013

Is The Trust broken?

I found it very hard to concentrate today.

I know you are probably waiting for a review but, to be honest, I'm broke, feeling upset and all I want to do is brake something.

I'm not sure if i've said this before but, I'm living with my mom while I save for a mortgage.  Living with your parents when you have been the black sheep of the family for most of your life is not something i'd advise when your 29.

So, let me get straight to it because I only have half an hour lunch.

My mom calls my boyfriend and asks him to by an extra chicken because my brother Maxwell, the "prized bull" of the family is coming to dinner and the dinners not enough.  He rushes out like the good son in law and buys it for her. 

Now at this point I'm still thinking i'm going to have an easy going day because I haven't got much tidying up to do and I want to watch a series on the internet but, then Shandy turns up.  This was the start of the down turn of my day.
I mean, I'm a mom and I would never just leave my child at my moms house everyday. This is what Shandy has done with all her children and she continues to drive me insane with her draining, dependent personality. Yes, I know she's my sister but, she is such a leech its pathetic and to top it off she's ungrateful.

I gave her my fridge and where normal people would say "thank you " she starts pointing out every minor fault.  I've been bullied by her 4 most of my life and no matter how any one helps her she continues to take. You give her an inch and she takes a yard.kmt . "Kmt" means kiss my teeth (tut) I do this a lot and thought I'd incorporate it in my writing.

Anyway, I give her my good good fridge and all she does is moan that I'm giving it too her because I don't want it.  I mean, what an ungrateful so and so.

So I breath in... 12345 and promise myself she is not getting to me.

Now after a day of her jabs I'm in bed with T and I wanted to upload the pictures I took to my computer.  He gives me his Samsung mini and I shake the phone by accident.  What is the 1st thing I see?

No! I'm not sure your getting the levels that I'm asking you. WHAT WAS THE 1ST THING I SAW?

I see the girl that's been hounding his Facebook posts and she is naked as the day she was born.  Now you can see from my previous post, well you would've at least had an incling that I love  this man and now I'm seeing this naked long tatty b.i.t.c.h on his phone.

It's obvious that she took it herself but, as my face began to show shock, then anger then sadness he says, "give me my phone."

I felt like I couldn't move.

I couldn't upload a thing again. Damn, I couldn't even shout at him.

He then began with the explanations and apologies, "babes, I'm sorry, babes she just sent it to me earlier today".

I just told him straight.  He must have gave her reason to think he wanted to see her naked and the fact that he still had it in his phone means he wants to take another look at a later date.

I'm at work now and when I go home I have to let him know where we're at.

I don't want us to break up but, I can't make him feel this type of thing is alright

Is the trust broken between he and I or am I just upset right now?

If I forgive him, will he take disadvantage of me?

Someone help me.

You know what, I'm gonna get back to helping these customers.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Plus Size and Sexy! :-)

Is this me?

Am I plus size and sexy or am I just fat and unattractive?

I do have to admit I've felt both of the above in the last 9 years but, for the last 12 months I've felt hot and sexy.

The fact is, I am near the heaviest I've ever been but, when I look in  the mirror I love to see my curves.  
Yes my pear shape is filling out a bit but, the love handles around me mid rift can easily be worked of.  
When I put on my peplum dress and my boobs are sitting high like a rack of ribs on a plate at a restaurant in my low cut top, all I think about is how good I feel.

I was always teased growing up.  Before having my son, my biggest was a size 14 (UK size). so why slim people found the need to pick on me is shocking to me now that I am a beautiful size 18 - 20. 

I feel beautiful

The fact that I'm "plus size" is a secondary factor.  The fact that I look good and feel good in what i'm wearing is what comes first.

I'm planning to do some reviews on some plus size clothing, so I'm going to go out on a limb and speak to all those reading my page and not commenting.

Which brand are you interested in but, not willing to spend your money on until you get a review from a real woman?

Which brand have you just not got around to trying?

drop me an email on and leave a comment please.