Saturday, 27 July 2013

A Side Of Me Which Is Normally Hidden

"Morning you!"

"Yes you!"

The one inside that's sometimes suppressed. The "me" that wants to talk about everything. How I've felt, how I'm feeling, What I've been through and what I'm going to do.  You know? let it all out.

Now, I would always advise my friends to speak to someone.  I'd say "speak to the person you feel closest to and would trust your life with".

The person I feel closest to is 7 years old. I call him my little skunk.  Not for hygiene reasons but, the gasses that can come out of a growing seven year old is amazing.
I'm supposed to be there as his strength,
not he as my personal psychiatrist.   I mean... what type of mother would that make me?

Anyway, due to all the things I do, I encounter a lot of scenarios which involve people from a variety of backgrounds and I didn't want to offend anyone.  So this should now allow me to open my heart and show me for me.

Being me is not easy because my extroverting personality and stubborn nature is one that provokes the passionate and the placid but, challenges those who are similar.  However, I'm taking the advice of my Manager, friends, family and boyfriend. Thus being "You need to release all that pressure"  "You need to be able to express your feelings without boundaries and get over all that anger".

These people claim to know me and love me. Some even claim to know me more than I know myself .  So I'm thinking that I will give It a try.  I'll see what emerges.

I never thought I was angry inside until I began to look into being Christ like and humble.
It also made me realise that I'm happy, I'm sad, I'm excited, I'm boring, I'm deep, I'm shallow, I'm mean and I'm loving all of which is inside of me.

It's not surprising emotions and feelings I've been suppressing might be overspilling.  Its like squeezing ten pounds of potatoes in a five  pound bag.

So I say YAYYYY! to me, for finally starting this.