Tuesday, 30 July 2013

His Birthday

It was T's birthday yesterday. When skunk and I went shopping for his gift, I told him to choose any item of clothing for his preasent to him. He came back with a shirt that said,

 "Number one dad".

Now! Do you know how that made me feel?
I'm sure I'm not the only one that has been a single mom and found a partner but, I never thought I'd ever see my little skunk accept someone into our family of two. I mean, from the day he was born it was just us. 

Being the mother, I knew I always had to do what I had to do. I knew I had to choose someone special, someone who would love me and love my little skunk. He is just as stubborn as me and has a protective nature whenever the opposite sex comes anywhere near me, so I had to be vigilant.

I had five years of getting over skunks dad, emotional and financial struggle became second nature and my serial dating habits were common knowledge to everyone but my innocent boy. I wanted control this time.
This girl was fed up of dating what I can only refer to as waste men and I wanted to choose the best this time.
So I went on a dating site. Oooooooooow, me on a dating site? Why would I do that? Filling up my car at a petrol station would bring me unnessary attention, so why am I going to expose myself to more pricks, sex maniacs and wackos?  
I'll tell you why.  It's because there was the potential I could find someone that could treat me and my son like we deserve, someone who wanted the same sort of future as me, someone to understand and talk with, a strong father figure, friend and lover. I could actually find what I dreamt about by using the recruitment skills I picked up at work :-).

And yes It looks like I've done it!
The family like him, Skunk likes him and I love him.
Anyway! A breakfast fit for a king, an outfit, a day filled with baileys, red hot intimacy and a glamping holiday booked. I think it went well and I am feeling happy.  I don't want it to end but, for me it's goodnight to you all.

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