Saturday, 26 October 2013

Smiling Bright Keeps Me Smiling Right!

I'd like to apologies to all those that keep in touch with me and are continuously reading my blog. I've got RSI (repetitive strain injury) and I can't always type.  Sorry for the delay in keeping you guys and gals up to date and informed.


My teeth.

My teeth accentuates my beauty so I try to keep them clean and healthy.

By healthy I mean  brushing at least twice daily and flossing.  On the days that I go a bit heavy on the sweets, I may even brush as soon as I come in from work, bringing my count up to 3 times for the day.

You might be asking yourself why i'm talking about my teeth but, I've got to be honest... my teeth means a lot to me.  If I have a pain in my mouth, my first thoughts are regret because I truly believe the dentist are going to pull my teeth out and no one wants a toothless mommy or girlfriend.

Anyway, I was sent this new Oral B toothpaste to trial and review.

I have always been a Colgate trooper and would never normally try anything else but, lately the Colgate was getting hard in the tube and I felt to try something new.

The visual aspect of it could only get top marks.  It looks bright appealing and looks like it would cover all bases.  Cavities, healthy gums, plaque, sensitivity, enamel, tartar, whitening and clean breath.

The texture of the toothpaste was very soft and foamy when I brushed and I would truly say my teeth were visually cleaner. People commented daily and I repeatedly ran my tongue over my teeth after using it.   My teeth were sparkling.

There was one fault which I believe is a major failure on the  make up of this toothpaste.  The sensitivity i had in my teeth came back with a vengeance.

Although it says "sensitivity" this toothpaste is definitely not for those with sensitivity.  If this was looked into i would use it regularly but the pain of frozen foods triumphed and i'm back to Colgate.  For those without this problem, I say you should switch to it.

My dentist said my teeth and gums are healthy, my boyfriend loved the smell of my breath and this helps boost my self esteem.

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